Hello Ingenium Families!

I am so excited to start another year as ICS’s principal. I wanted to introduce myself to all of our new families. I taught high school and middle school for five years before I became an assistant principal at one of our Ingenium Schools, Clemente Charter School.  This will be my second year at ICS. I  earned my bachelor’s degree and teaching credential from Biola University and my master’s degree and administrative credential from California State University, Dominguez Hills. This year I am thrilled to continue to work with teachers and staff to create consistent and clear systems throughout ICS and ensure high levels of support for all staff members. I look forward to another successful year of continual improvement and learning together.

Marisa Caple

Hola familias de Ingenium!

Estoy muy emocionada de iniciar  otro año escolar como Directora de ICS, quiero presentarme a todas nuestras nuevas familias. Antes de ser Directora de ICS, enseñe durante cinco años en la escuela secundaria ICMS y estuve como Asistente del Director en una de nuestras escuelas Ingenium Charter School Clemente. Este será mi segundo año como Directora de ICS. Obtuve mi licenciatura y certificación docente en la Universidad de Biola y mi maestria de grado y credencial administrativa de la Universidad Estatal de California, Dominguez Hills. Este año me siento feliz de continuar trabajando con los maestros y el personal para crear sistemas coherentes y claros para  ICS y asegurar altos niveles de apoyo para todos los miembros del personal. Estoy esperando mejorando continuamente el aprendizaje conjunto.

Marisa Caple

  1. Hello,

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    The child safety kits include the following items:

    -A fingerprint chart with a safe, non-toxic ink strip

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    -Two Safe Shoes Child ID labels

    -Two pages of comprehensive safety tips

    -A chart to denote any unique physical features

    -Forms for parents to document their child’s personal and medical information including their birth date, height, weight, hair and eye color, blood type, allergies and medications

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    Please provide me with the quantity of kits that we can send to you, at no cost to your location, as well as the best address where we can ship the kits. Also, please just specify a contact person whom we can ship the kits to the attention of.


    George Gupta

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    1. Hello,
      This would be great! Thank you. We would need 500 kits.

      Marisa Caple

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