Dear Ingenium Community,

We are so proud to have you all as members of our school community. In the past month, we have seen families, students, and staff do so much to help build a sense of belonging, empathy, and togetherness — all towards the common goal of helping our students grow and learn.

The Fall Festival was huge success. Our staff and Booster Club smiled and laughed as families and students enjoyed games, food & drink, photo opportunities, and an incredible performance celebrating the close of Hispanic Heritage month.

Some of the parents in attendance at our Fall Festival joined us for our EL Dinner — a small event where parents learned more about English Language instruction and how they can be more involved with ELAC/DELAC and School Site Council. Being a parent on these committees means you are the most informed about what is going on at school, and it means your voice truly matters as many topics go up for your vote!

There will be more chances to be a part of our Ingenium community in the near future. Be on the look out to vote for ELAC/DELAC committee positions. Join our School Site Council. Come to our Winter Concert. Communicate with your teacher to find out how you can be a bigger part of your students’ learning. Be on the lookout for more information every Take Home Tuesday, and be sure to stop by the Main Office or speak to our Parent Liaison Mrs. Vega for more information.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”


Anthony Graham

Assistant Principal