Joshua Finds His Voice Through Music
By Esther Trigueros – Development Associate

“The thing I love about music is that it really speaks to you…”For 4th Grader Joshua, music class is where he “feels free.” Writing a song allows him to express his feelings and say what he wants. When asked what his favorite thing about music is, he replied, “The thing I love about music is that it really speaks to you sometimes. When you’re listening to a song or playing a song, it really speaks to you and sends you this type of message that you can’t feel in any other thing.”

Joshua not only participates in his school’s comprehensive music program in partnership with Education Through Music-LA (ETM-LA), but also in ETM-LA’s weekly songwriting and composition class. “I’ve learned that making music can be inspiring,” says Joshua. “When I see other people writing a song that I like, it shows me that I can make a song just as great or greater.”

Joshua’s passion and love for music is showcased through his dedication and strong work ethic. He spends a lot of his spare time creating music at home by playing the piano and composing songs on his computer with GarageBand. “I would probably be doing something boring if I hadn’t learned how to write music. My favorite music to listen to is classical music and pop music. My favorite classical composer is Ludwig Van Beethoven. My favorite pop artist is Kendrick Lamar.”

Joshua is one of approximately 14,000 students who receive quality music instruction as part of the school day this academic year, giving him the tools to succeed and achieve his goals. “[Music] has changed my life…my songwriting teacher has opened up new experiences and opportunities,” he shares.

ETM-LA brings quality music education programs to students across low-income LA County communities. Join us as we expand to serve five additional disadvantaged schools and partner with more underserved LA County school districts this upcoming 2018-19 academic year. Your support will allow us to continue our mission to ensure that every child receives a well-rounded education that includes music.

Joshua performs at ETM-LA

Joshua performs at ETM-LA’s 8th Annual Festival
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