How to Write a Friendly Letter


The Amazing Writers of Room 38 at I.C.S.

One way you can share information with someone is by writing them a friendly letter.  First, you write the heading on the upper right of the letter. The heading lets us know when the letter was written.  An example of the heading is September 13, 2018. Second, we write the greeting on the upper left of the letter. The greeting is telling us “Hi” and the person’s name who is getting the letter.  An example of the greeting is Dear Kaitlin. Third, you write the body in the middle of the letter. The body gives us information. An example of the body is I like to fix things. Fourth, we write the closing near the bottom of the letter.  The closing is to say goodbye in a meaningful way. Two examples of the closing are Sincerely and Thanks. Last, we write the signature in the middle of the letter below the closing. The signature is the name of the person who wrote the letter.  An example of a signature is Miss Pinky Llamacorn. All that is left to do is put your letter in an envelope and mail it to your friend.